Our Story

40 plus years later…and as more employers & individuals require solutions tailored specifically to their needs, Rodney Rich & Company are still ahead of the curve.

It began in 1976. Rodney saw there was a difference in philosophy between the major insurance players and many of the people whom they sought to serve. Large insurance firms provided one-size-fits-all solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Young professionals wanted to protect themselves & their families in different ways than the limited options available. Instead of traditional life insurance, Rodney provided unique and custom strategies for families and their future.

Soon after, he discovered numerous business owners who had similar needs in the benefits field. Their frustration with not being offered alternatives for employee benefits prompted Rodney to find solutions that matched the needs of his newfound clients.

It Wasn't Easy

At that time, the major players wouldn’t deal with brokers or agents. Rodney searched the market and found some smaller insurers willing to work with him. Rodney was able to connect his clients with benefit packages and insurance solutions that suited them.

Not long after developing the benefit business, Rodney saw the need for retirement planning and began with profit sharing, simple plans, SEPs and 401Ks, using the same philosophy of accurately identifying and meeting each client’s needs.

That high-touch, customer focus continues with Rodney and his staff of service specialists today.

However, in recent years the market has changed dramatically – with governmental requirements & with the unique needs of employers and what they want to do to secure good personnel in today’s market.

Rodney Rich & Company has responded to these myriad changes by diversifying the staff and bringing on those who specialize in healthcare, life, dental and retirement benefits.

“Every client that we have faces different challenges from the small business to the large, from the for-profit to the not-for-profit… it’s very difficult for them to keep up with the regulations. Thus, they rely on us. We partner with them, understand their needs and develop a plan that will successfully meet their needs. Not just now… but in the future.”

– Rodney Rich